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Self-Regulating Heating Cables for Hot Water - FSH/TP

This FSH/TP range of self-regulating heating cables is designed for maintaining the hot water supply at a constant
When taps are not used often, the water remaining in the piping cools down and runs to waste until the hot water from the boiler arrives.
Looped circuits keep the water up to temperature only in the main piping, but this is then twice as long, and heat losses doubled, leading to a further waste of energy.
By tracing the piping network with an FSH/TP self-regulating heating cable under the lagging, heat losses are eliminated and the water is kept at the right temperature. Other savings are obtained by doing away with the return piping, pumps, valves, etc.
FSH/TP cables comply with the technical evaluation document issued by the CSTB.

Product Description

  • Withstands continuous hot water temperatures.
  • Can be cut to length on site.
  • Will not self-destruct by overheating.
  • Available as 15 and 30 W/m at + 10°C.
  • Power supply: 230 V.
  • FSH/TP: self-regulating cables, thermoplastic insulation with tinned copper braid and outer thermoplastic anticorrosion sheath.

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