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Constant Power Heating Cables for Gutters

The FTC is a constant power cable designed to protect drainpipes and gutters against freezing. It also guards against the consequences of two phenomena that occur in winter:

  • Gutters obstructed by snowfalls: when snow on the roof melts, water cannot drain away properly and may infiltrate the facades of the building.
  • Icicles hanging from gutters can be dangerous when they fall off.

Placed in the bottom of gutters and in drainpipes, the cable maintains a drainage channel for the water and prevents ice from forming. To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

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Product Description

• Hard-wearing and flexible.
• Can be cut to length on site.
• Extremely simple termination.
• Cold tail incorporated: no extra connection necessary
• Available as 30 W/m.
• Power supply: 230 V.
• Copper braid and PVC outer sheath to protect against UV rays.

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