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Base Drum Heaters - CF/B - CF/BP - CF/BC - CF/BCH.

Base drum heaters are specially designed to heat the contents of 200 litre capacity plastic or metal drums from the base. They are recommended for obtaining relatively low temperatures with a fairly long heating time, or for maintaining medium temperatures. When the base drum heaters are used in conjunction with one or more TCF/TV silicon insulated drum-heaters fitted around the drum, it is then possible to obtain rapid increases in temperature. A typical example is heating fluids to reduce their viscocity ready for pumping or transfer operations: glucose, honey, fat, wax and oil.

Product Details

  • Sturdy, octogonal metal base.
  • Uniform temperature surface.
  • Surface covered with special paint to ensure good heat transfer.
  • CF/B : Drum heater without thermostat.
  • CF/BP : Drum heater without thermostat, low power, for plastic drums.
  • CF/BC : Drum heater with thermostat.
  • CF/BCH : High power drum heater with thermostat

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