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Freeze Protection Ltd was set up to provide a solution to a need that was not already being fulfilled and which is seen by the promoters as being both essential and urgent.

This need was made painfully obvious during previous winters when many water pipes supplying water to residential and commercial properties froze, causing severe hardship and difficulty.

Prior to now, the only existing solution to safeguarding against such hardship happening again was to excavate these pipes and bury them deeper in the ground. However, this is extremely expensive and disruptive and it is with this in mind that Freeze Protection launched itself, by offering its own InPipe Heatwire solution, which will solve the problem of shallow water mains connections, at a fraction of the cost and with practically no disruption.


Freeze Protection are one of irelands leading heat tracing and installation specialists. We offer a full turnkey service including the design, supply amd installation of heat tracing, thermal insulation and system control requirements.


Freeze Protection electric surface heating specialists will design an optimum trace heeating solution for your application and we can provide detailed trace heating drawings and specifications for client approval.


Freeze Protection supply the widest range of heat tracing cables and we have developed the ONLY  LOW VOLTAGE (48Volts DC) in-pipe freeze protection solution that can be retrofitted inside shallow and hard to reach pipes.


Our team of qualified electricians and installers have an excellent health and safety record and always provide a reliable and quality service.


Freeze Protection heat tracing systems installers can undertake maintenance contracts to both new and existing heat tracing installations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for all electric surface heating systems

Please contact Freeze Protection for further details or a quotation.

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