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Silicon Heater Mats - T - TA - TV

Military: radars, missiles, temperature maintenance of electronic circuits or protective housings anti-condensation for aiming devices, etc. Office equipment: photocopiers, printers. Rolling stock: rear-view mirrors, batteries, vehicle floors, driving cabs for locomotives, locks, tank wagons, etc. Food service industry: electric hot-plates, double boilers, trays, etc. Photography: developing and fixing trays. Medical: X-rays, trays for wax impressions, apparatus for bacteria cultures or blood tests, transformation of cosmetic products, etc. Various industries: substances in drums, heating trays, distillers, boilers, ultrasound vessels, tanks for electrolysis, process tanks, storage silos and vats, hoppers, conveyor belts, control desks, presses, repair kits for composite materials, etc. Miscellaneous: photoelectric cells, decomposition toilets, various drying devices, etc.

To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

Technical Characteristics

  • Takes up little space.
  • Highly flexible.
  • A variety of shapes.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Any voltage on request.
  • UL Recognized mats on request.
  • Length of power cable: 1 m as standard.
  • T : Silicon elastomer insulated mats.
  • TA : with adhesive back for permanent fitting.
  • TV : factory vulcanised on metal backing.

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